Axial Harmonic Resonance In Astrology
Using axial harmonics is as simple as setting the orb in your software. (or applying the axial harmonic orb if you are working by hand). Axial Harmonic Resonance is a groundbreaking look at aspect and orb in Astrology that reconciles harmonic theory with practical experience in a meaningful manner which can be easily used by ANY modern astrologer.  Click Here for Orb Tables.

Using this method, the numeric sequence of harmonic division as it applies to aspect becomes abundantly clear, and my suggestions for harmonic interpretation are available for your perusal.

 The Axial Harmonics Website is currently under revision,  and the pages will be available directly from the site you are currently on as each section is revised. The old site is available by clicking the image.Orb_Tables.htmlhttp://astrology.delaney-smith.netOrb_Tables.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1